10 Easy Hairstyles to do when you are in a hurry

The next time you're rushing out the door but need to look extra polished, here are quick looks that'll work like magic:

Crossover ponytail

Put a literal twist in your regular ponytails without fiddling with braids.

Braided bun

Make your half ponytail look vivid as interesting by quickly braiding the ends and twisting it into a bun.

Sleek ponytail

When you're late to work event and have zero minutes for a curling iron, opt for this chic and simple tie-up.

Half-sleek hair with beach waves

All you need to do is scrunch the ends of your hair into beach waves and polish your crown with some hair gel.

One-sided wet hair

Flaunt your favorite statement earrings by sweeping your wet hair all the way to one side.

Baby braids

Braided hair doesn't always take long, especially if you sport ones thinner than your fingers.


Grab a ribbon and DIY a headband to add a dash of sweet sophistication to your locks.

Pinned twisted bun

Hair accessories can level up even the simplest hairstyles, like this minimal hair twist that'll take you less than a minute to do.


Here's an interesting alternative to a bun that's a true conversation starter. Just twist your hair all the way and hold it with your favorite hair comb!


Slide a hair comb underneath one side of your hair for a fuss-free, 20-second comb-under.

  • casey says...

    When i’m in a hurry I always use my Minque Hair extensions halo! It applies in just 5 seconds so it’s really good when im running late or just can’t be bothered to do my hair

    On September 16, 2018

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