Daenerys's Game of Thrones plaited platinum braided Hair Tutorial

Calling for Game of Thrones fans out here! Yes, the latest season has been returned a few days ago, if you still have no idea yet. It is hard to ignore Daenerys's gorgeous braided hairstyle in plaited platinum long hair.

Wanna copy her style? Follow this blog for getting this two-tiered, inside-out french braid ourselves.

Daenerys's Game of Thrones Hair Tutorial - plaited platinum braided

Step 1

To begin with, you might want to get a similar color hair wig or hair extensions. Then, section off the top one-fourth of hair, and tie away the rest with a hair clip.

dutch braid_Daenerys_game of thrones

Step 2

Next, create the inside-out french braid (aka dutch braid) by crossing each section under the center strand, instead of over. This will make the braid appear to be sitting on top of the head rather than embedded within the hair.

Step 3

Continue to dutch braid till you reach the back of the head; then form a short traditional braid at the end to hold everything in place, and clip it off. Repeat this inside-out braid on the other side of the head.

Daenerys_game of throne_hairstyles_braided

Step 4

Connect the two sides together with a clear elastic at the base of the head.

Daenerys_game of thrones_hairstyles_dutch_braid

Step 5

Take a section from the bottom of the ponytail, spritz it with hair spray, and comb it through so it's smooth and the hair spray gets evenly distributed. Then, wrap it around the elastic and secure it with a traditional pin

Daenerys_game of thrones_hairstyles_braided_dutch

Step 6

Next, create the second tier by grabbing a horizontal section of hair from the top of the ear. Clip the remaining hair away.


Step 7

Repeat the dutch braid technique by weaving under instead of over.


Step 8

Next, create the second tier by grabbing a horizontal section of hair from the top of the ear. Clip the remaining hair away.


Step 9

Gather the top section and both bottom braids together, and secure the entire bundle with an elastic about two or three inches down from the first ponytail.


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