Holographic Hair? Pastel Unicorn Hair? The new hair trend that we've been waiting for


The new trend people calls it Holographic hair or pastel unicorn hair. It is one of the most mesmerizing hair color that we ever seen. So fairidescent dye.


It began at the Rose Michaels Salon in Seattle, WA.


Hair tone is so dynamic and wide variety that it gives the appearance of translucency.


But it is also so shiny that it really does look like hologram under sunlight.


So, whether you're thinking of going mermaid, unicorn, or, you know, futuristic holograph hair, this is a trend must try for everyone!


Try this hair trend before it ends !

  • Amy says...

    How can I get someone to make me a wig just like 2nd and 3rd pic above? I really want one exactly like that. I know that was done at Ross Michael Salon, but want a wig made just like it. Thx Amy

    On August 05, 2020

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