One Step Gel Polish UV Led Cured Required Soak Off Nail Polish No Base or Top Coat Nail Need

Vendor: OneDor


Model: FA-601
No harsh adhesives that would damage your nails
Formaldehyde Free. Keeping toxic chemicals and compounds away from your nails.
Solvent Free. No harmful fumes or odors.
Acetone Free. Prevents skin from drying and aging.
Easy application, easy removal.

Easy Polish steps:(Before you open the bottle, please shake the bottle to let the gel keep uniformity)
1. Cuticles if necessary, gently push back cuticle using flat end of the Removal Wand.
2. File Nails to desired shape and length.
3. Lightly Buff the surface of each nail with Nail Buffer.
4. Clean debris and nails with the cleansing wipes, let nails dry.
5. Polish a thin coat of color to nail from cuticle to free edge. Be sure to remove any excess color from skin before curing. Repeat after curing.
6. Cure the nail, place fingers under the LED Light and push button on top to begin curing. Cure for 60 seconds

Removal steps:
1. Lightly Buff shine from top of nail using the Nail Buffer.
2. Wrap the nail soak cotton with the Gel Remover and place wet side on surface of nail. Secure in place by folding foil over and around fingertip. Let sit for 10 minutes.
3. Remove foils one at a time and push off gel using the Removal Wand. Gel should come off easily without much effort. If necessary re-saturate cotton and rewrap finger for 5 minutes longer.
4. Gently buff nails again once all gel is removed.

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