Mermaid Chrome Gel Polish - UV Led Cured Required Soak Off Nail Polish

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Vendor: OneDor


  • Mermaid Chrome Gel Polish
  • Package: 1 Bottle of Mermaid Chrome Gel Polish; Weight: 10ml. (0.33fl oz)
  • Different Color Base will give Different Effects; Mermaid Chrome Gel will give Amazing Effect on Darker Color Base.
  • After Applied the Mermaid Chrome Gel Polish, Use No wipe Top Coat to Enhance the Effect and Duration.
  • Gel Polish & Mermaid Effect will Last 3 - 4 Weeks.


All Gel Nail Polish Needed to Cure under LED Lamp for 30 - 60 Seconds or 2 minutes under UV Lamp
1. Brush one thin Layer Base Gel for Three Step Gel (You May skip This Step for One Step Gel)
2. Apply 1 - 2 Layers of Color Gel Polish. (Mermaid Chrome Gel Polish Give Better Effect on Darker Color, especially Black Color)
3. Apply one Layer of Mermaid Chrome Gel Polish.
4. Apply one Layer of No Wipe Top Coat.
5. Done. (Normally The Color will last 3 - 4 Weeks)